Welcome to Motiv Digital’s Media Kit

“Our work is not just about technology, it’s about creating meaningful value and driving sustainable growth in the digital age.”

Clark Lai, CEO

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Motiv Digital has been at the forefront of digital innovation, with a track record of success that has delivered over $1.5 billion in new business value, acquisitions, and IPOs, to a wide range of clients. The company prides itself on a unique approach to venture building, encompassing product development, commercialization, and integrated services that have culminated in award-winning projects.

Serving an extensive and diverse clientele including Alberta Golf, Establishment Labs, and Unilever, Motiv Digital has made a lasting impact. Its technical prowess and innovative problem-solving abilities have won accolades from clients, such as Nutrimeals CEO Sam Hale, who credits Motiv Digital as a “foundational part” in their company’s growth. The quality of Motiv Digital’s work has also been recognized by prestigious institutions, winning them awards from the Germany Design Award, The Webby Awards, w3 Awards, and others.

As Motiv Digital looks to the future, the firm’s strategy involves a focused exploration of digital innovation, enhancing its systems and processes to deliver sustaining value. By embracing technological trends, Motiv Digital helps its clients navigate the digital landscape, improving business processes, customer experiences, and launching new business models. This positions Motiv Digital as a strategic partner for businesses looking to leverage the opportunities of the digital age.

Motiv Innovation Group

Motiv Digital is a part of Motiv Innovation Group–an innovation collective driven by our desire to bring about meaningful change and make the world a better place.

What We Do

Ideation and Concept Development

Innovative ideas and concepts are generated through rigorous market research, trend analysis, and industry expertise. A close collaboration with clients refines these ideas, transforming them into compelling business propositions.

Business Model Design

A partnership approach to designing robust business models aligns with client objectives and capitalizes on market opportunities. Through comprehensive market research and strategic planning, the viability and scalability of the venture are ensured.

Product Development

Expertise in technology development and user experience design supports clients in building high-quality products and services. From prototyping to iteration, the highest standards of innovation, functionality, and user satisfaction are upheld in the final product.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Comprehensive go-to-market strategies encompass target audience identification, marketing plans, sales strategies, and distribution channels. The goal is to establish a strong market presence and drive rapid adoption of the venture’s offerings.

Operations and Scaling

Clients are assisted in establishing efficient operational processes and systems to support scalability and growth. From talent acquisition to organizational structure design, guidance is provided to ensure smooth operations and a solid foundation for expansion.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring

Commitment extends beyond the launch of the venture. Continuous support, mentoring, and strategic guidance are provided as clients navigate the challenges of scaling and further development. A network of investors and industry connections are leveraged to facilitate subsequent funding rounds and partnerships.


Clark Lai, Co-Founder and CEO

A pioneer in harnessing innovative technologies for business growth, having led Motiv Digital to generate over $1.5B in new value for clients, illustrating his unrivaled skill in spotting high-value opportunities and creating sustainable, growth-oriented business models.

Mariya Besedina, Co-Founder and COO

A recognized leader in digital innovation who has guided Motiv Digital to multiple international accolades for strategic, creative, and technical excellence, emphasizing her profound insight into building systems for sustainable growth and long-term business value.

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